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If you’re looking for a place to stay, that is great, safe, where you could have fun and meet people from all over the world; then you´ve reach the right place.

Kusi Wasi Peru offers you a variety of housing options in different Lima areas. We have tree apartments in Miraflores, two bedrooms in Alcalá (Limit Miraflores), and two student residences in Miraflores and Pueblo Libre district.

Kusi Wasi Studio Apartments

These three comfortable Studio Apartments are part of a bungalow in a colorful garden of one of the prettiest and safest Lima areas: Santiago the Surco. Also strategically located, two blocks away from Panamaricana Sur, three blocks from Primavera (Angamos ) avenue, and very close to Benavides avenue. It is great for anybody who works or studies in Surco and La Molina area (UPC, ESAN, SAN MARTIN, USIL,etc).  Recommended for those who like to be really comfortable!!!

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Kusi Wasi Apartments

All the apartments in the Kusi Wasi Network have between 3 and 4 bedrooms. Some of them with bathroom included and others with shared bathrooms between maximum 2 bedrooms.


The apartments include all utilities (water, electricity, wifi internet, cable TV)* and are located in the most centric areas of miraflores district.


*Gas for the stove is not included. Aprox. US$ 10 per month.

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New! Second floor opening and renovations in Alcala!

Alcala have just opened a new floor with 2 simple bedrooms, bathroom and terrace.

This very cozy House also has the three KUSI WASI biggest and most confortable bedrooms, perfect for friend or couples who would like to share.

In the Miraflores district, just at the limit with Surco district, this flat is in a great location, also very close to the Barranco district. In a very nice and quiet area just in front of a park, a few blocks away you’ll find everything you need (bus stations, supermarket, restaurant, gym, commercial center)

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Kusi Wasi Student Houses

If you prefer to live and share with other exchange students from all around the globe and make new friends that are in the same situation, living the same adventure that you are, then to stay in one of our Student Houses is your best choice. 


We have two Student Houses available for you, “La Escuela” in Pueblo Libre district is your best choice if you’re planning to study in Catolica, San Marcos, or Pacifico University.


And if you want to live in a more centric location then our Student House “La Castellana” located in the border between Miraflores, Surco and Barranco district is your best choice. Great location if you’re planning to study in Lima University, UPC University or San Ignacio University.

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